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Longest Hiking Trail System in Miami County Connects 3 Parks, Crosses Longest Suspension Bridge in Ohio

COVINGTON - As long as you don't mind crossing a shallow section of the Stillwater River, it is possible to hike continuously for 8.2 miles at three interconnected Miami County Parks—Stillwater Prairie Reserve, Stillwater Prairie Rangeline and Maple Ridge Reserve.

   The trail system also crosses the new (and considered one of if not the longest of its kind in Ohio) suspension bridge. Below this map are just some of the things you can see while hiking the 8+mile trek any season of the year!

Graphic from the Miami County Park District, photos by Matt Bayman.

Hiking Map Stillwater Prairie.jpg
Suspension Bridge Maple Ridge Side View PHone.jpg
Spring Walking the Dog at Maple Ridge smaller.jpg
Maple Ridge April.JPG
Maple Ridge smaller.jpg
Field of Summer Wildflowers at Stillwater Prairie 2020.jpg
Wildflowers at Stillwater Prairie 2020 Summer 2.jpg
Stillwater Prairie Fall on the Stillwater 2.JPG
Geese at Stillwater Prairie Long smaller.jpg
Stillwater Prairie Rangleine Access.jpg
Ink Cap Close Up Maple Ridge.JPG
Reflection at Stillwater Prairie Reserve.JPG
Natural Play Area at Stillwater Prairie Reserve.JPG
River Access at Maple Ridge.jpg
Old House at Stillwater Prairie.JPG
Steps at Stillwater Prairie.JPG
The Sun at Stillwater Prairie.JPG
Stillwater Prairie Boardwalk.JPG
Stillwater Prairie.JPG
Stillwater Prairie Fishing Pond.jpg
Yellow Flowers by the Stillwater River at Stillwater Prairie.JPG
Wildflower Summer Stillwater Prairie Yellow.JPG
Stillwater Prairie Flower.JPG
Maple Ridge Hiking Sign.jpg
Stillwater Wildflower 2020.jpg
Stillwater Prairie Summer July 17 2020.jpg
Stillwater Prairie.JPG

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