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Orders Being Taken for Tree Seedling & Perennial Sale

TROY - The Miami SWCD is currently taking orders for the 2024 Tree Seedling & Perennial Sale. 

Order deadline is Friday, March 15th by 5pm. Print the form below HERE.

A Couple Notes –

  • Please don’t forget to add your Daytime Phone # to the order form.  We need this in case we need to communicate with you about your order.

  • The number before the item name is how many seedlings you will get in that packet.  For Example 2-Black Elderberry means you will get two seedlings for the price of $4.67 plus tax (7%) and 10-White Pine means you will get 10 seedlings for the price of $14.02 plus tax (7%).   

  • When totaling up your order, add up the product Sub-Total, then add 7% tax.  If you are using a credit card, take that total and add 3.49% + $0.49 for a processing fee and that will give you your total due if using a credit card. 

  • All seedling are 1-3 year old bare-root and are between 12” to 18” tall. 

  • All perennials come in a #1 pot.   

Don’t forget to complete the box with Name, Address, City, etc and don’t forget to include your Daytime Phone.

If questions please contact the office Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm at 937/335-7645. 

2024 Tree Sale BIG FLYER (1).jpg
2024 Tree Seedling order form-1.jpg
2024 Tree Seedling order form-2.jpg
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