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Do Good Restaurant & Ministry – A Calling from God

By Shelly Calvert


To date, the Do Good Restaurant has donated more than 1.5 million dollars to 30 families in need.


OSGOOD - When a community comes together to create a place called “Do Good Restaurant and Ministry,” it naturally makes people curious about what kind of “good” is going on here and what kind of food is being created. With one trip to this Darke County destination, friends and families will be delighted to find that they are the ones doing the “good,” and that the food is delicious!

   All tips from breakfast, lunch, dinner, carry out and from the “He-Brews” coffee shop go to a different worthy cause each month. The restaurant’s servers are paid a fair wage and are given information about each month’s selected charity.

   Karen Homan, owner of Do Good Restaurant, located at 25 Main St. in Osgood, said all the credit for this restaurant/ministry goes to God, who gave her the inspiration, boldness, funding and creativity to make this project a true labor of love. Homan also credits fellow believers, whom she felt led to ask for large donations, for making this God-given dream a reality.

   Homan opened the restaurant in December 2019 after months of sharing her vision, raising funds, questioning herself and God, crying lots of tears, considering her family’s wishes and figuring out how to run a restaurant—something she had never done before. But she kept hearing the Holy Spirit prompting her to create this faith-based community space for people to meet and dine for a cause.

   The mother of four grown children and 14 grandchildren, Homan said, “One day I was working in my kitchen and the voice of the Holy Spirit spoke out loud. He said I was to open a restaurant—it would serve as a ministry and I heard Him say there are many good people in the world and they aren’t going to churches, but they are going out to eat for their busy lives and I will show you things to do to draw them back to me. I tried to block it out, but He is persistent,” Homan added. “I woke up one morning at 2 a.m. and started writing. He gave me the names of people who would help and said I should call it ‘Do Good.’”

   Homan shared that God told her the specific location for the restaurant. It was an established, yet struggling business called Silver Spur, a bar-restaurant that had been in the community for several decades.

   While looking into the Silver Spur as a location for Do Good Restaurant, she saw an old black and white photo of children playing on the steps of the Osgood State Bank. She recognized herself as one of the children, which she saw as a sign that this was the right place. When negotiating the price of the building, Homan requested that the photo be a part of the deal.

   As the concept for the restaurant and ministry developed further, Homan experienced many trials that almost made her quit. She credits her priest and the faithfulness of her husband for helping her understand that she wasn’t “going crazy,” rather she needed to follow what she was hearing from God.

   “If you could have a panic attack along with an anxiety attack times a million, that’s how I felt,” Homan described, adding that the Lord told her where to put the restaurant. “He said it would belong to everyone there.”

   So she bought the Silver Spur—and later, the building next door—and transformed it into the centrally located destination restaurant that has been a favorite dining, gathering and learning spot for people to “do good.”

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 Geographically, Do Good Restaurant and Ministry is located in relatively close proximity to North Star, Ft. Loramie, Versailles, Minster, Maria Stein, and of course, Osgood. Patrons from all regions of the state, and even from out of state, visit Do Good Restaurant, according to Homan, who said the ministry part of the establishment serves many local people through classes, programs and meetings.

   The food and overall dining experience have been thoughtfully created to include a wide range of options, including vegan and gluten free items. Large groups and parties are welcome and the “God to Go” carryout service is convenient for take-out meals.

   The menu is extensive, featuring several signature items, such as a hot caramelized onion and bacon dip appetizer, signature salads, blended fruit smoothies and coffee drinks.

   Family meals include casseroles, such as chicken enchiladas and lasagna. The breakfast menu is obviously divinely inspired with options like shrimp and grits, country biscuits and gravy, meat-and-veggie-packed omelets (or choose an omelet sandwich), stacks of pancakes, and an amazing cinnamon roll French toast, where slices of handmade cinnamon rolls are used to make French toast.

   The lunch menu features daily specials, homemade soups, signature salads and sandwiches of every kind. Dinner includes everything from grilled meatloaf to chicken dishes to steaks and salmon. Pasta dishes include baked mac and cheese, shrimp scampi, chicken piccata, and shrimp and grits.

   Rather have pizza? They have that too! And a wine and beer menu (including selections from Moeller Brew Barn), as well as soft drinks, lemonades, teas and smoothies to round out the meal.

   Desserts must have been inspired by angels: pies, cakes, cinnamon rolls, dumplings and cheesecakes are all made from scratch. Whole pies (22 varieties) and cheesecakes (17 varieties) are available to order year-round.

   The mission of Do Good Restaurant and Ministry, a 501(c)(3) organization, is to spread God’s word through service and food, and to feed peoples’ bodies, minds and souls.


 To date, the restaurant has donated more than 1.5 million dollars to 30 families in need. Homan chooses the charities they support and they spread the word about who they are helping each month on the Do Good social media sites and website, and by posting fliers at the restaurant. So far the “do gooders” who have supported monthly causes have provided money for medical bills, as well as donations for families suffering loss, and charities that serve a wide range of needs for the community. The average amount that is raised monthly from tips and donations is $55,000.

   While the fare at this beautifully designed restaurant is reason enough to visit, the ministry part of Do Good offers space for musical artists to perform, as well as Bible studies, a tutoring ministry, a baby ministry (each new baby born in the area receives a free blanket, cap or bonnet and scripture), honor meals for volunteers, an exercise ministry and more. The Kids for Christ program and Growing Your Faith ministry at the Do Good meet regularly to encourage families to go deeper in their faith.

   Homan, her husband, Jay Homan, a farmer, and their family have sacrificed their own time, money and resources to make Do Good Restaurant and Ministry a reality. “To whom much is given much is required,” Homan heard God say. “All you have is from me…everything is from me.”

   With an estimate of 1.6 million dollars to build the restaurant/ministry, Homan admits she was on her knees praying for signs, especially during a time when she felt an onslaught of evil. She prayed that God would release her from this mission of creating the ministry. However, her husband came to the decision to “let God have whatever He wants.” Once they wholly committed all they had, “all of the creepy visions disappeared,” she added.

   In 2020, a garden area and splash pad were added to the backyard of the restaurant. To keep up with all of the care and daily work required for an operation of this scope, Do Good has close to 300 volunteers.


   The restaurant is open every day except Sunday. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The God to Go carry out is open Monday-Friday from 5:30-8:30 a.m. for carry out breakfast items before the restaurant is opened for dine-in patrons.


   Visit for more information. Click HERE for a map to Osgood. Click HERE to see Karen tell her story on YouTube. 

Pictured below, and located next door to the Do Good, is Winner's Meats and Betty's Natural Foods.

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