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in Western Ohio

   Western Ohio (and not far beyond) has more kayaking opportunities than most people realize. If you own a kayak or can rent one, there are dozens of streams and rivers to explore. Some of the highlights in our area include, but are not limited to:

Stillwater River
Greenville Creek
Great Miami River
Buck Creek
Mad River
Scioto River
Little Miami

St. Marys
Auglaize River
Maumee River
Big Darby Creek
Blanchard River
Paint Creek
Rocky Fork Creek  
Olentangy River
Sandusky River

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ODNR Boating & River Access Map

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Kayak/Canoe Trail Maps

Click HERE for a full list of the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's official water trails.

Canoe & Kayak Rentals

Adventures on the Great Miami

(937) 266-6252

Barefoot Canoe

(937) 698-4351

Hometown Kayaking (Dayton)

(937) 694-0391

Taiters Kayak Solutions 

(937) 716-5091

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Featured Trips

An Ancient Path - The Great Miami River from Sidney to Piqua

Ancient Path Kayak.jpg

    Some of the oldest caves in Ohio are located just north of Piqua on the Great Miami River. One cave goes back about 150 feet and another (if the river is high enough) can be kayaked through! This part of the river is also steeped in history, from thousands of years of use by Native Americans to its importance during Ohio's canal era. TAKE THE TRIP

The 7-Mile Drop - Maple Ridge to FL Blankenship Riverside Sanctuary 

7 Mile Drop Front Page.jpg

    While much of the Stillwater River lives up to its name of being still and shallow, the northern section of the Stillwater River contains quite a few rapids, especially when the conditions are right in spring and early summer, and sometimes again in the fall. It's also a beautiful part of western Ohio filled with nature, historic bridges and wonderful peace and quiet . TAKE THE TRIP

The Glacial Canyon Run - Greenville Falls to Covington Greenville Creek

Glacial Canyon Run.jpg

    Put in the water below Greenville Falls and float along an ancient glacial canyon to the Stillwater River, passing a natural rock arch, tall cliffs and beautiful scenery. Add to the length of the trip by continuing south on the Stillwater River. TAKE THE TRIP

A Scenic Fall Kayak Trip on the Great Miami River from Troy to Tipp City

Scenic Fall Kayak Trip.jpg

    A section of the Great Miami River between Troy and Tipp City, which is also one of the most natural, secluded and scenic parts of the river, seems to stay mostly usable into the peak of fall foliage, even when overall water levels are low. Any effort to get through some of the lower-water areas is made up for by the beautiful scenery. TAKE THE TRIP

Rocky Fork Creek at Highland's Nature Sanctuary

    Rocky Fork Creek is home to the 3 Sisters rock formation and many other unusual sights that can be enjoyed during a short but powerful kayak trip. The trip can be extended by continuing onto Paint Creek, which passes through the heart of Ohio's ancient Adena and Hopewell Indian cultures.


Kayaking through an Impact Crater at Serpent Mound

Serpent Mound Impact Crater.jpg

    Part of Brush Creek is located in what has become known as the Serpent Mound Impact Crater. It also passes next to the Serpent Mound Historical Area, providing a short, but sweet kayak trip in this ancient place. TAKE THE TRIP

Visiting a Famous Shipwreck on the Ohio River - the USS Sachem

USS Sachem Front.jpg

    Take a short, yet adventurous kayak trip up the Ohio River near the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana border to visit the ruins of the USS Sachem, a once-famous yacht that's done everything from help in the war effort, assist Thomas Edison with experiments and as a backdrop for a Madonna music videoTAKE THE TRIP

Riding the Mirror: Piqua's Hydraulic Canal & Swift Run Lake

Riding the Mirror.jpg

    A great place for beginner kayakers, the hydraulic canal in Piqua is not very deep or wide and it doesn't have much of a current. It does connect 3 larger bodies of water, passes by parks and residential areas and, under the right conditions, can be an interesting day on the water. 


Articles About Rivers

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