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Frozen Beauty
In Miami County & Western Ohio

Photos by Matt Bayman

Charleston Falls Frozen 1.JPG

Charleston Falls Preserve
2535 Ross Rd., Tipp City

There are two very good reasons to visit and hike at Charleston Falls Preserve in the winter. The first is a chance to see the falls frozen in place. This includes massive ice pillars that build up behind the frozen falls. The second is, with the lack of foliage, it’s a chance to see just how large the falls area and gorge are.

Snow Trees in the Sun.jpg
Reflection at Stillwater Prairie Reserve.JPG
Cool Prairie at Stillwater Prairie.JPG

Stillwater Prairie Reserve
9750 OH 185, Covington

After a fresh snow, try to be the first person to arrive at Stillwater Prairie Reserve. The park’s combination of woods, river, pond and prairie, when added to by a fresh blanket of snow, cold temperatures and the morning light, is breathtaking.

ATG Banner Dec 2021.jpg
Ice at Greenville Falls 2019.jpg

­­The Icicles of the Greenville Falls Scenic River Area
9140 Covington-Gettysburg Rd., Covington

The icicles that form along the north rim of the Greenville Falls gorge are stunning. They cling to an outcropping of limestone that seems to run for several hundred yards to the east, maybe more. They can best be seen by parking on the south side of the gorge and walking down to Greenville Creek on foot.


Eldean Covered Bridge 
On Eldean Road off of County Road 25-A between Troy and Piqua

Eldean Covered Bridge after a morning snow.


F.L. Blankenship Riverside Sanctuary & Falknor Road Bridge
4112 OH 48, Covington

F.L. Blankenship Riverside Sanctuary is a very small park that offers quick access to the Stillwater River. When it gets very cold, the part of the river that the park touches often freezes over. An abandoned steel bridge and an old stone bridge on the property adds to the view. If you’d rather just look at the frozen river from your car, the Falknor Road bridge offers great views.

3 Joes Banner Thin copy.jpg
Winter River.jpg
Great Miami River 571 Winter.jpg

Great Miami River in Tipp City
235 E. Tipp Pike, Tipp City

Located next to the canoe livery, a small parking lot at this location offers great views of the Great Miami River, especially in the winter. 

Farrington Falls Almost Frozen.JPG
Farrington Reserve Waterfall .jpg

Farrington Reserve Waterfall

1594 W. Peterson Rd., Piqua

Visible from Peterson Road, the waterfall at Farrington Reserve has quick, short limestone steps that drop toward the nearby Great Miami River. Because of the quick drops, when frozen, the waterfall jumbles up and creates a rare-looking, rounded formation.

Stillwater River Cold.JPG
Stillwater River Frozen.jpg

The Stillwater River

As seen from the Falknor Road Bridge and Owens Road

The Stillwater River after an early spring snow in 2019 and completely frozen over in 2017.

Ice Stripes Blue.jpg

Brukner Nature Center
5995 Horseshoe Bend Rd., Troy

A hike around Brukner Nature Center in the winter passes many interesting sights. The creeks in the park, not to mention the edges of the Stillwater River, form impressive ice crystals and wavy formations. Also, with little foliage, it’s easy to spot the deer that call the center home. Click HERE to see the unique ice formations at Brukner Nature Center. 

Mojos Banner Feb 2018 copy.jpg

Barn on Horseshoe Bend Rd.

A red barn with filter on Horseshoe Bend Road near Brukner Nature Center.


Greenville Falls
9140 Covington-Gettysburg Rd., Covington

Greenville Falls, looking west and the natural arch, as seen from the south side of Greenville Creek.


Old Train Station in Tipp City
Fifth Street and Main Street

An old train station that is now part of a park in Tipp City and a row of houses on Dow Street, near the train station.

Leaf Large Banner copy.jpg
Ludlow Falls Winter 2021.jpg

Ludlow Falls
In Ludlow Falls off of State Route 48

Pull in the parking lot next to the bridge and walk down for a look!


The stone walls on Falknor and Fletcher Roads

Falknor and Fletcher Roads off of State Route 48 near Covington

The old stone wall and pine trees.

Sidney Covered Bridge Snow 33.jpg

Ross Covered Bridge in Sidney

Located at Tawawa Park

The Ross Covered Bridge at Tawawa Park in Sidney.

Bears Mill Dam In Living Color.jpg

The Spillway at Bear's Mill

6450 Arcanum Bears Mill Rd

A winter scene at the spillway at Historic Bear’s Mill in Greenville.  Bottom right with effect.

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