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Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area - Miami County, Ohio
There is no bad time of year to visit Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area in Miami County.


   The 92-acre park has some of the most unique features in the region, including a natural limestone arch and gorge, the remains of an old electric mill and wooden dam, and, of course, the cascading waterfall, which drops 20-feet along Greenville Creek as it makes its way to the Stillwater River.

  In the spring and winter, the park’s geological features are more visible than any other time of year, especially the natural arch. Summer and fall brings a rainbow of color and wildlife to the area, including a huge variety of wildflowers.

  The park is divided into two sections, one on the north side of Greenville Creek and the other on the south side of the creek. There are parking lots on both sides, with access to a total of about one mile of hiking trails.

  The south side of the park is where you’ll see the most of the historic relics from the old electric mill, as well as great views of the deep gorge walls. People talk about grass growing upside down on these walls in the summer and icicles hanging down in the winter.


   Other historic relics on this side of the park/river include a sluice gate, the foundation of an ice house and the Albery Mill & Power Plant. Interpretive signs along the trails explain the local history.

  The north side of the park contains a wooden platform for viewing the falls, as well as an amazing prairie that always seems to have something new flowering or changing. This side also has a trail that leads to the remains of an old wooden dam.


   Along with its natural beauty, the park is a popular place for fishing and is known for having an “exceptional” smallmouth bass population.


   The park is maintained by the Miami County Park District and is open 8 a.m. to sunset daily. It is located at 9140 Covington-Gettsyburg Rd., with additional parking off of Rangeline Road.

  Learn more about the park HERE and its history HERE.


   Here are some pics of Greenville Falls, starting with each season of the year, followed by other features mentioned.                                                                                                                 

                                                                                  Story & Photos by Matt Bayman

Greenville Falls Winter.jpg
Spring at Greenville Falls.jpg
Greenville Falls Summer Wildflower.jpg
Greenville Falls in the Fall.jpg
Old Relic at Greenville Falls.jpg
Greenville Falls Spring Side View.JPG
Greenville Falls Relics in the Fall.JPG
Greenville Falls Historic Picture from Signage at Park.jpg
Greenville Falls in the summer.jpg
Greenville Falls Summer Wildflower 2.jpg
Greenville Falls Summer July Yellow Overlook.jpg
Greenville Falls Interp Sign.JPG
Greenville Falls Relic.JPG
Purple Wildflower at Greenville Falls.JPG
Purple Wildflower Next to Greenville Falls.JPG
Snowy View of Greenville Falls.JPG
June 4 Wildflower Greenville falls.jpg
Orange Flower at Greenville Falls Summer.jpg
More Ice at Greenville Falls Winter with Electric.jpg
Greenville Falls Arch.JPG
Greenville Falls Wall of Icicles 2022 Phone Pic.jpg
Greenville Falls Distant Winter.jpg
Crane at Greenville Falls.jpg
Wildflower Summer Greenville Falls 2.JPG
Yellow Flowers In Front of Greenville Falls June 2021.jpg
Greenville Falls Good Flow.JPG
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