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Explore 5 famous UFO cases (with photographs) in Ohio

  • 1932: St. Paris – One of the Earliest Photographs of a UFO Ever Taken?

  • 1949: Norwood – The Ohio Searchlight UFO Incident

  • 1966: Atwater – An 86-Mile Police Chase Involving a UFO

  • 1973: The Great UFO Wave of 1973 – Preventing Nuclear War?

  • 1994: Trumbull County – A Well-Documented, Unsolved UFO Case

Natures Grocery Store.jpg

   What would happen if you only had nature to rely on for food and you lived in western Ohio? What plants, seeds, nuts, fruits and mushrooms could be eaten or grown to survive, no matter what season it was? Besides hunting animals and fishing, what did the Native Americans who lived here for 13,000 years before us collect and grow? What about early settlers? What did they use for medicine? This article explores these topics.

Which Towns Came First.jpg

  After becoming a state in 1803, settlers began to flood into western Ohio. In their wake, they built and named towns that stand to this day. 

   This article looks at dozens of towns in the region and explores how they got their names and the order in which they were founded.
   A series of four maps show how the region has grown since first being opened up to development, including roads and highways. 

Bradford Railroad Museum.jpg

   The Bradford Railroad Museum, which is stationed in a refurbished bank building in the middle of the quaint, small town of Bradford, gives the railway system— and the history of this town—an interesting and engaging family-friendly place to visit.

   130 years of history are told at the museum through exhibits, videos, photographs and artifacts from the railroad operation, plus much. Open seasonally.

Anna Earthquake Front Page.jpg

  Since 1875, more than 40 earthquakes have been cataloged in the Anna Seismic Zone in western Ohio, including the largest earthquake in Ohio’s recorded history, which took place on March 9, 1937 near the village of Anna in Shelby County.

   It turns out, that Anna's location on top of an ancient buried river may be the reason the village experienced so much damage, while nearby towns were spared. 

Do Good Retaurant.jpg

   When a community comes together to create a place called “Do Good Restaurant and Ministry,” it naturally makes people curious about what kind of “good” is going on here and what kind of food is being created. With one trip to this Darke County destination, friends and families will be delighted to find that they are the ones doing the “good,” and that the food is delicious! And, all tips  go to a different worthy cause each month.

Following the River Front Page.jpg

  If you take a drive north of Indian Lake State Park and locate Township Road 85 in Hardin County, you can pull your vehicle to the side of the road, look across a field to a wooded area on a small hill in the distance and watch as the North Fork of the Great Miami River trickles down the hill on its way to the Ohio River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico. This article follows the entire route of the Great Miami River from start to finish. 

Fossil Beach FP.jpg

   About 450 million years ago, Ohio was located 20-30 degrees south of the Equator beneath a shallow tropical sea that had flooded the continent of Laurentia, which would one day become North America. In this ocean was some of the first complex life-forms on Earth. 
   Today, those who are interested can visit a cobble beach Tipp City and discover the fossils of these ancient creatures. 

Stillwater River.jpg

 The Stillwater River – a Designated State Scenic River that creates so much beauty in western Ohio – starts as a small trickle coming from a pipe beneath an old bridge in rural Darke County and flows to its confluence with the Great Miami River in Dayton. 

   This article follows a father and son as they search for the beginning of the river and learn about its deep geological history.

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